9th International Workshop
on Sap Flow

4-7 June 2013, Ghent, Belgium

Important dates

18/12/2012First announcement + call for abstracts
06/02/2013Registration open
15/02/2013Deadline abstract/paper submission. Extended till 28/02/2013!
25/03/2013Abstract/paper acceptance
Notification + comments to authors
29/03/2013Submission final abstract/paper
01/04/2013Deadline early bird registration. Extended till 15/04/2013!
20/05/2013Deadline late registration


The main topics that will be addressed at the 9th International Workshop on Sap Flow are:

  1. Measurement methodologies
  2. New insights in hydraulic plant functioning (drought stress, water (uptake) pathways, climate change)
  3. Limitations in the hydraulic pathway (cavitation)
  4. Modelling water transport (xylem, phloem)
  5. Irrigation and other practical applications

Keynote speakers

An exciting line up of well-respected speakers shall be presenting at the 9th International Workshop on Sap Flow. We are delighted to confirm the following keynote speakers:

  1. Guillermo Goldstein (topic 1)
  2. Frederick C. Meinzer (topic 2)
  3. H. Jochen Schenk (topic 3)
  4. Teemu Hölttä (topic 4)
  5. Michael J. Clearwater (topic 5)


Tuesday 4 June 2013
16:00-19:30Registration and poster mounting
18:00-19:30Welcome reception
Wednesday 5 June 2013
07:30-08:30Registration and poster mounting
08:30-09:00Opening ceremony
Topic 1: Measurement methodologies
09.00-09.45KEYNOTE 1 – Measurement methodologies: linking sap flow measurements with hydraulics of woody plants at different levels of organization
Guillermo Goldstein, Fabián G. Scholz, Sandra J. Bucci, Piedad Cristiano
09.45-10.00Oral 1. The tree in a vase – measuring water consumption of forest trees based on different assessment techniques
Karl-Heinz Häberle, Matthias Sterr, Christian Köttig, Rainer Matyssek
10.00-10.15Oral 2. The effect of axial conduit widening on sap flow sensors readings
Tommaso Anfodillo, Giai Petit, Vinicio Carraro
10.15-10.30Oral 3. Are sap flow measurements useful for determining water use of fruit orchards, when absolute values are important?
Nicky Taylor, Nadia Ibraimo, John Annandale, Colin Everson, Mark Gush, Teunis Vahrmeijer
10.30-11.00Coffee & Tea Break
11.00-11.15Oral 4. Engineering a sap flow sensor for irrigators
Andrew Skinner
11.15-11.30Oral 5. Development of a mathematical model and its numerical solution to estimate sap flow applying a transient heating system
Elias Fernandes de Sousa, Marcus Antonio Santolin, Maurits Vandegehuchte, Eliemar Compostrini, Karina de Jesus Soares
11.30-11.45Oral 6. Eliminating the heat input as parameter in the Sapflow+ method
Maurits W. Vandegehuchte, Kathy Steppe
11.45-12.15Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 1 (posters 1-12)
13.15-13.30Oral 7. Mapping tree transpiration by scaling-up sap flow measurements using remote sensing
Leonardo J. Reyes-Acosta, Maciek W. Lubczynski
13.30-13.45Oral 8. Water storage discharge and refilling in the main stems of canopy tree species investigated using frequency domain reflectometry and electronic point dendrometers
Laureano O. Carrasco, Sandra J. Bucci, Fabian G. Scholz, Paula Campanello, Nora Madanes, Piedad M. Cristiano, Guang-You Hao, James K. Wheeler, N. Michele Holbrook, Guillermo Goldstein
13.45-14.00Oral 9. Using portable NMR to measure sap flow and water in the intact plant
Carel W. Windt, Peter Blümler
14.00-14.15Oral 10. Theoretical and experimental determination of phloem translocation speeds in gymnosperm and angiosperm trees
Johannes Liesche, Kaare Hartvig Jensen, Peter Minchin, Tomas Bohr, Alexander Schulz
14.15-15.00Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 1 (continued), 3 and 4 (posters 13-30)
15.00-15.30Coffee & Tea Break
Topic 3: Limitations in the hydraulic pathway
15.30-16.15KEYNOTE 2 – Limitations in the hydraulic pathway: effects of xylem embolisms on sap velocity and flow
H. Jochen Schenk, Susana Espino, Alejandra N. Mendez, Andrew J. McElrone
16.15-16.30Oral 11. Loss of hydraulic functioning at leaf, stem and root level and its role in the stomatal behaviour during drought in olive trees
José Manuel Torres-Ruiz, A. Diaz-Espejo, Alfonso Perez-Martin, V. Hernandez-Santana
16.30-16.45Oral 12. Low cavitation resistance is balanced by high xylem recovery performance in temperate tree species
Mayumi Ogasa, Naoko H. Miki, Yuki Murakami, Ken Yoshikawa
16.45-17.00Oral 13. Cavitation in wood channels: monitoring simultaneously optical and acoustical signals
Alexandre Ponomarenko, Philippe Marmottant, Olivier Vincent
17.00-17.15Oral 14. New type of vulnerability curve gives insight in the hydraulic capacitance and conductivity of the xylem
Lidewei L. Vergeynst, Jan Bogaerts, Annelies Baert, Lies Kips, Kathy Steppe
17.15-18.00Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 4 (continued) and 5 (31-49)
18.00-20.30Reception with Belgian specialities and beer tasting
Thursday 6 June 2013
08:00-09:00On-site registration
Topic 5: Irrigation and other practical applications
09.00-09.45KEYNOTE 3 – Sap flow and vascular functioning during fruit development
Michael J. Clearwater, S. Eng Chye Ong, K.T. Li
09.45-10.00Oral 15. An index from sap flow records to schedule irrigation in super-high density olive orchards
José Enrique Fernández, María José Palomo-Martín, Sheren Elsayed-Farag, María Victoria Cuevas
10.00-10.15Oral 16. Quantifying sap flow responses to soil and plant water status and climate in nectarine trees
Indira Paudel, Amos Noar, Yoni Gal, Shabtai Cohen
10.15-10.30Oral 17. Water stress detection in a ‘conference’ pear orchard in a temperate climate using sap flow monitoring
Pieter Janssens, Jan Diels, Jan Vanderborght, Annemie Elsen, Tom Deckers, Hilde Vandendriessche
10.30-11.00Coffee & Tea Break
Topic 2: New insights in hydraulic plant functioning
11.00-11.45KEYNOTE 4 – The dynamic pipeline: homeostatic mechanisms that maintain the integrity of xylem water transport from roots to leaves
Frederick C. Meinzer, Jean-Christophe Domec, Daniel M. Johnson, Katherine A. McCulloh, David R. Woodruff
11.45-12.00Oral 18. Advanced plant-based, internet-sensor technology gives new insights into hydraulic plant functioning
U. Zimmermann, R. Bitter, A. Schüttler, W. Ehrenberger, Simon Rüger, H. Bramley, K. Siddique, M. Arend, M.K.-F. Bader
12.00-12.15Oral 19. Putting the puzzle together: investigating hydraulic functioning and water transport at high spatial resolution in tall trees
Sebastian Pfautsch, Mike Aspinwall, John Drake, Brendan Choat, David Tissue, Timur Burykin, Mark Tjoelker
13.15-13.30Oral 20. Transpiration and stomatal conductance trends in riparian vegetation
Tanya M Doody, Edward P Glenn, Richard G Benyon
13.30-13.45Oral 21. Identifying water use strategies in Mediterranean tree species combining sap flow and dendrometer data
Elisenda Sánchez-Costa, S. Sabaté, R. Poyatos
13.45-14.00Oral 22. Role of lignotuber versus roots in the water supply of rainfed olives
Maria-Isabel Ferreira, Nuno Conceição, Teresa S. David, Nadezhda Nadezhdina
14.00-14.15Oral 23. Radial variation of sap flow of kauri (Agathis australis) during wet and dry summers
Cate Macinnis-Ng, Luitgard Schwendenmann, Michael J. Clearwater
14.15-15.00Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 2 (50-67)
15.00-15.30Coffee & Tea Break
15.30-15.45Oral 24. Widening of xylem conduits and its effect on the diurnal course of water potential gradients along leaf venations
Giai Petit, Tommaso Anfodillo
15.45-16.00Oral 25. Mapping the water pathways in stem xylem by sap flow measurements during branch severing experiments
Nadezhda Nadezhdina, Teresa S. David, Jorge S. David, Valeriy Nadezhdin, Clara Pinto
16.00-16.15Oral 26. Differential role of functional traits to water use of tropical trees along an altitudinal variation
Bruno H.P. Rosado, Carlos A. Joly, Stephen S.O. Burgess, Rafael S. Oliveira, Marcos P.M. Aidar
16.15-16.30Oral 27. Impacts of seasonal thaw and permafrost degradation on Picea mariana root function in a subarctic boreal peatland
Jennifer Baltzer, Rajit Patankar, Alec Downey, William Quinton
16.30-17.15Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 2 (68-85)
17.15-17.45ISHS meeting
18.00-23.00Gastronomical discovery of Ghent
Conference diner during guided tour and boat trip
Friday 7 June 2013
08:00-09:00On-site registration
Topic 2 (continued): New insights in hydraulic plant functioning
09.00-09.15Oral 28. Insights into the co-ordination of growth, gas exchange and carbohydrate utilisation during drought
Patrick Mitchell, Anthony O’Grady, Libby Pinkard
09.15-09.30Oral 29. Xylem functioning and water relations of the elastic living tissue of the bark: new insights about their coordination
Antonio Diaz-Espejo, Emilio Nicolás, Pedro Nortes, Celia Rodriguez-Dominguez, Maria Victoria Cuevas, Alfonso Perez-Martin, José Manuel Torres-Ruiz
09.30-09.45Oral 30. An insight in tree water relation responses to climate from 13 years of sap flow and dendrometers daily cycles
Patrick Fonti, Vinicio Carraro, Marco Carrer, David Frank, Giai Petit, Tommaso Anfodillo
09.45-10.00Oral 31. What information is stored in phloem structure and relationship between phloem and xylem increments?
Jozica Gricar, Martin de Luis, Peter Prislan, Katarina Cufar
10.00-10.15Oral 32. Sap flow and water relations in an ombrotrophic Picea mariana – Sphagnum bog subject to climate change treatments
Jeffrey M Warren, Joanne Childs, Paul Hanson, Anna Jensen, Stan Wullschleger
10.15-10.30Oral 33. Occlusion of sap flow in elm after artificial inoculation with Ophiostoma novo-ulmi
Josef Urban, Miloň Dvořák
10.30-11.00Coffee & Tea Break
11.00-11.15Oral 34. Why lose water at night? Disentangling the mystery of nocturnal sap flow, transpiration and stomatal conductance – when, where, who?
Melanie Zeppel, Barry Logan, J.D. Lewis, Nathan Phillips, David Tissue
11.15-11.30Oral 35. Is nighttime transpiration enhanced after fog events?
María Susana Alvarado-Barrientos, Friso Holwerda, Heidi Asbjornsen
11.30-11.45Oral 36. Sap flow hysteresis: linking environmental drivers and plant hydraulics
Adam B. Roddy, Robert Skelton, Daniel M. Johnson, Adam G. West, Todd E. Dawson
11.45-12.00Oral 37. Atmospheric and soil water controls on Drimys brasiliensis water use
Cleiton B. Eller, Stephen S.O. Burgess, Rafael S. Oliveira
12.00-14.00Lunch - BBQ
Topic 4: Modelling water transport
14.00-14.45KEYNOTE 5 – Modelling the effect of xylem and phloem transport on leaf gas exchange
Teemu Hölttä, Eero Nikinmaa
14.45-15.00Oral 38. First steps towards an explicit modelling of ABA production and translocation in relation with the water uptake dynamics
Guillaume Lobet, Loïc Pagès, Xavier Draye
15.00-15.15Oral 39. Putting two water transport models to the test under wet and dry conditions
Annelies Baert, Kathy Steppe
15.15-15.30Closing ceremony and best poster/presentation award
15.30-16.30Closing drink

Program - Posters

Wednesday 5 June 2013
11.45-12.15Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 1 (posters 1-12)
Topic 1: Measurement methodologies
Poster 1.Comparing sap flow measurements with simulated grapevine transpiration based on artificial neuronal network models
Carlos Poblete-Echeverría, Samuel Ortega-Farias, Rodrigo Aguilar, Sigfredo Fuentes
Poster 2.An empirical study of wound response dynamics on sap flow measured with thermal dissipation probes
Andreas Wiedemann, Sara Marañón Jiménez, Mathias Herbst, Corinna Rebmann, Matthias Cuntz
Poster 3.Radial variations of xylem sap flow and their effect on water use estimates in a coniferous and a ring-porous broadleaved tree species in northern China
Jian-Guo Zhang, Mei-Jie Yan, Wei-Yu Shi, Jin-Hong Guan, Qiu-Yue He, Sheng Du
Poster 4.Climate change effects on tree growth at daily resolution
Jinchen Liu, Karl-Heinz Häberle
Poster 5.Phreatophytes under stress: review of studies on transpiration and stomatal conductance of Tamarix across a western U.S. floodplain
Pamela L. Nagler, Edward P. Glenn, Kiyomi Morino, Kevin R. Hultine (presenter: Tanya Doody)
Poster 6.Phloem sap flow assessed by MRI
Alena Prusova, Frank J. Vergeldt, Henk Van As
Poster 7.Measurement of sapwood water content using the compensated heat pulse technique
Francisco J. Villalobos, Inés Tejado, Álvaro López-Bernal, Daniel Torres, Luca Testi, Blas M. Vinagre
Poster 8.Daily and seasonal changes of sap flow in ‘Gamhong’ apple tree
Jong-Cheon Lee, Sang-Hak Jeong, Su-Gon Han, Hun-Joong Kweon, Tae-Myung Yoon
Poster 9.A simple calibration improved the accuracy of the thermal dissipation technique in juvenile trees of six species
Robert O. Teskey, Doug P. Aubrey, Huizhen Sun
Poster 10.Comparison of water use estimates by 10mm thermal dissipation probes and the weighing method in non-, diffuse- and ring-porous species in northern China
Qiu-Yue He, Jian-Guo Zhang, Jin-Hong Guan, Mei-Jie Yan, Sheng Du
Poster 11.Sap flow dynamics as a diagnostic tool in Norway spruce
Isabella Børja, Jan Svĕtlík, Valeriy Nadezhdin, Jan Čermák, Sabine Rosner, Nadezhda Nadezhdina
Poster 12.Interspecies difference in radial distribution of sap flux density
Minkyu Moon, Juhan Park, Sungsik Cho, Daun Ryu, Taekyu Kim, Hyunseok Kim
14.15-15.00Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 1 (continued), 3 and 4 (posters 13-30)
Topic 1: Measurement methodologies (continued)
Poster 13.Heat field deformation sensors for sap flow measurements in small stems
Nadezhda Nadezhdina
Poster 14.Stem temperature influence on heat pulse sap flux density measurements
Maurits W. Vandegehuchte, Stephen S.O. Burgess, Alec Downey, Kathy Steppe
Poster 15.Influence of spatial variation in sap flux density on estimates of whole-tree water use in Avicennia marina
Bart Van de Wal, Adrien Guyot, Catherine E. Lovelock, David A. Lockington, Kathy Steppe
Poster 16.Comparing the heat ratio method (HRM) with Granier’s thermal dissipation probe (TDP) method on short rotation coppices in southern Bavaria, Germany
Martina Zacios, Lothar Zimmermann, Karl-Heinz Feger
Poster 17.Seasonal variation of stand-scale transpiration estimates in Cryptomeria Japonica forest in Taiwan
Chen-Wei Chiu, Han Tseng, Tsong-Huei Wey, Tomonori Kume, Kyoichi Otsuki
Poster 18.Measurement of sap flow dynamics through the tomato peduncle using a non-invasive sensor based on the heat field deformation method
Hanssens Jochen, De Swaef Tom, Nadezhdina Nadezhda, Steppe Kathy
Poster 19.Cyclic heat dissipation (CHD) method for the correction of natural temperature gradients in sap flow measurements
Maciek W. Lubczynski, Leonardo J. Reyes-Acosta, Diana Chavarro-Rincon, Maurits W. Vandegehuchte, J. Roy, Kathy Steppe
Poster 20.The contribution of bark tissues to daily stem diameter variations evaluated by MRI
Veerle De Schepper, Dagmar van Dusschoten, Paul Copini, Siegfried Jahnke, Kathy Steppe
Topic 3: Limitations in the hydraulic pathway
Poster 21.Testing a method for in-situ measurements of stem hydraulic conductance in intact plants
Sarah D. Taylor-Laine, Donald D. Quick, Susana Espino, H. Jochen Schenk
Poster 22.Are insular woody species on the Canary Islands embolism resistant?
Frederic Lens, Sylvain Delzon, Nicolas Davin, Marcelino del Arco
Poster 23.C3 versus C4 cavitation resistance and embolism repair under different levels of soil moisture availability
Louise Comas, Jason Young, Andrew McElrone, Dustin Wiggans
Poster 24.How do sap flow and hydraulic resistance differ in stems of Eucalyptus and Acacia trees?
Kathy Steppe, Dirk J.W. De Pauw, Alec Downey, Nigel W.M. Warwick
Topic 4: Modelling water transport
Poster 25.A simple robust model of nectarine orchard sap flow, transpiration and capacitance based on climate and mid-day stem water potential
Indira Paudel, Amos Noar, Yoni Gal, Shabtai Cohen
Poster 26.The efficiency of osmotic pipe flows
Louise Sejling Haaning, Kaare Hartvig Jensen, Claus Hélix-Nielsen, Kirstine Berg-Sørensen, Tomas Bohr
Poster 27.Sap flow measurement compared to Penman-Monteith and Priestley-Taylor formulas in olive orchards (Olea europaea L. cv. Chemlali)
Amani Bchir, Olfa Boussadia, Raoul Lemeur, Mohamed Braham
Poster 28.Inter-species differences in water use and sap flow for four common Swiss tree species Fagus sylvatica, Picea abies, Fraxinus excelsior, and Acer pseudoplatanus
Nadine Brinkmann, Roman Zweifel, Ansgar Kahmen
Poster 29.A class of compartmental models for long-distance tracer transport in plants
Jonas Bühler, Eric von Lieres, Gregor Huber
Poster 30.Impact of radial solute exchange on steady state phloem transport
Gregor Huber, Paulo Cabrita, Michael Thorpe
17.15-18.00Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 4 (continued) and 5 (31-49)
Topic 4: Modelling water transport (continued)
Poster 31.Modelling sap flows dynamics at various levels of apple canopies under climatic stress
Endrit Kullaj, Lavdim Lepaja, Vahid Avdiu, Fadil Thomaj
Poster 32.Basipetal widening of xylem and phloem conduits along the stem in different woody species
Giai Petit, Alan Crivellaro
Poster 33.Thermal inertia of thermodynamic method used to measure sap flow by volume heating
Miroslav Trcala, Jan Čermák
Poster 34.Estimating tree and stand transpiration across a groundwater depth gradient
Sepideh Zolfaghar, Randol Villalobos-Vega, Melanie Zeppel, Derek Eamus
Topic 5: Irrigation and other practical applications
Poster 35.Basal crop coefficients and canopy conductance calculated using sap flow data for Almond trees
Mahalakshmi Mahadevan, S. Fuentes, C. Poblete-Echeverria, M.A. Skewes, J.W. Cox
Poster 36.Sap flow movement on Magnolia and weeping Japanese maple during the process of tree transplantation
Shinichi Takeuchi, Daiki Matsushima, Yuji Yoshimura
Poster 37.Transpiration and basal crop coefficient of pecan determined with heat balance method in arid region of northwest Mexico
Salah Er-Raki, Julio Rodriguez, Jaime Garatuza-Payan, Christhopher Watts, Abdelghani Chehbouni
Poster 38.Application of sap flux measurements for carbon balance comparison after thinning of 50-year-old Pinus koraiensis stands
Juhan Park, Taekyu Kim, Minkyu Moon, Sungsik Cho, Daun Ryu, Hyunseok Kim
Poster 39.Stomatal control of water loss at the canopy scale in planted and natural forest in the Lesser Himalaya
Chandra Prasad Ghimire, Maciek W. Lubczynski, L. Adrian Bruijnzeel
Poster 40.Intra- and interspecies differences in transpiration in a lowland deciduous forest in Cambodia
Shin’ichi Iida, Takanori Shimizu, Koji Tamai, Eriko Ito, Naoki Kabeya, Akira Shimizu, Yasuhiro Ohnuki, Nang Keth, Sophal Chann
Poster 41.Using infrared thermography as screening aid for drought tolerant in black currant cultivars (Ribes nigrum L.) based on stomatal conductance
Eshetu Janka, Natasa Cerekovic, Carl Otto Ottoson, Karen Koefoed Petersen
Poster 42.Modelling sap flow of young apple rootstocks under various climates
Endrit Kullaj, Lavdim Lepaja, Vahid Avdiu, Fadil Thomaj
Poster 43.Water use and productivity of poplar in short rotation coppice along a gradient of soil water availability in NE Germany
Markus Schmidt, Sören Krämer, Peter Rademacher, Dieter Murach
Poster 44.Impact of micro-irrigation system on growth and yield of Kinnow mandarin
Prerak Bhatnagar, J. Singh, M.K. Kaul
Poster 45.Dynamic threshold in plant-based irrigation scheduling using stem diameter variations
Tom De Swaef, Steven Driever, Leo Marcelis, Kathy Steppe
Poster 46.Diurnal changes in sap flow, stomatal conductance and canopy temperature in relation to evapotranspiration in a cv. 'Tarocco' orange orchard
Antonio Motisi, Alberto Continella, Roberto Massenti, Felice Romolo
Poster 47.Evaluating water use of Passiflora vines on pergolas and automatic irrigation management based on sap flow
Shinichi Takeuchi, Shabtai Cohen
Poster 48.Quantifying effects of stand structural changes on canopy transpiration in Japanese cypress forest
Kenji Tsuruta, Hikaru Komatsu, Tomonori Kume, Yoshinori Shinohara, Kyoichi Otsuki
Poster 49.SMART Trees, SMART Kids – Empowering a generation through the science of sap flow
Alec Downey, Will Winter, Peter Cull
Thursday 6 June 2013
14.15-15.00Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 2 (50-67)
Topic 2: New insights in hydraulic plant functioning
Poster 50.Different responses to water availability and evaporative demand of four co-occurring riparian tree species in NE Iberian peninsula: temporal and spatial sap flow patterns
Daniel Nadal-Sala, Santiago Sabaté, Elisenda Sánchez-Costa, Abdellah Boumghar, Carlos A. Gracia
Poster 51.Sap flow in stem of Alnus glutinosa in winter period in Latvia
Oskars Krisans, Andis Bardulis, Baiba Dzerina, Aris Jansons
Poster 52.Species effect on the water use variability within a mixed forest of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) and silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in Belgium Ardennes
Rémy Soubie, Bernard Heinesch, Marc Aubinet, Caroline Vincke
Poster 53.Multi-seasonal study of sap flow and stem shrinkage pattern in two co-existing oak species in a forest site vulnerable to climate change
Ilona Mészáros, Péter Kanalas, Balázs Nyitrai, Viktor Oláh, Erzsébet Szőllősi, András Fenyvesi
Poster 54.Implications of drought-induced forest dieback for the water balance of a Mediterranean mountain ecosystem
David Aguadé, Rafael Poyatos, Jordi Martínez-Vilalta
Poster 55.Soil heterogeneity affects the temporal response water stress indexes derived from sap flow and trunk diameter variation in adult cherry trees
Carmen Biel, A. Abdelfatah, A.J. Molina, R. Savé, X. Aranda
Poster 56.Stem water relations provide new insights on shrinkage–swelling phenomena in olive trees
Claudia Cocozza, Giovanni Marino, Alessio Giovannelli, Claudio Cantini, Mauro Centritto, Roberto Tognetti
Poster 57.Contrasting sap flow patterns of two coexisting trees in a continental Mediterranean
Alicia Forner, Ismael Aranda, Fernando Valladares
Poster 58.Do palm water use characteristics explain the spatial distribution of palms in the central Amazon?
Norbert Kunert, Priscila Barros, Niro Higuchi
Poster 59.Whole-tree transpiration as composed by xylem sap flow and stem diameter fluctuation
Jinchen Liu, Karl-Heinz Häberle
Poster 60.Oscillations in transpiration in young olive potted trees
Álvaro López-Bernal, Luca Testi, Francisco J. Villalobos
Poster 61.Assessing plant water use in native prairie and crop species in a mixed perennial-annual watershed in the Midwestern US
Vilma S. Mateos-Remigio, Heidi Asbjornsen, Tom Sauer, Richard Schultz
Poster 62.Hourly variation in stomatal aperture of soybean estimated by sap flow measurement in temperature gradient chamber
Satoshi Nakano, Tatsuhiko Shiraiwa, Koki Homma, Custodio R.P. Tacarindua, Keiichiro Nakashima
Poster 63.Water use dynamics in three species of a coastal sandplain tropical forest in São Paulo state, Brazil
Gabriel Saenz, Carlos A. Joly, Rafael Oliveira
Poster 64.Transpiration of Norway spruce trees with different social status and their effect on stand transpiration
Justyna Pietras, R. Pokorný, R. Bužková, P. Křížková
Poster 65.Diurnal dynamics in stem dimension are related to water storage use estimated from sap flow measurements at different tree height in the Patagonian conifer Austrocedrus chilensis
Fabian G. Scholz, Sandra J. Bucci, Guillermo Goldstein
Poster 66.Rapid and long-term sap flow response to environmental drivers varies between functional types in a diverse Mediterranean-type shrubland
Robert Skelton, Adam West, Todd Dawson, Jenny Leonard
Poster 67.Daily changes in photosynthesis and sap flow depending on the soil wetting and drying process by rainfall in Japanese deciduous-evergreen mixed forest
Kenichi Yoshimura, Yuji Kominami, Chika Mori, Takafumi Miyama
16.30-17.15Poster session: 1-minute presentations
Posters topic 2 (continued) (68-85)
Topic 2: New insights in hydraulic plant functioning (continued)
Poster 68.Drought stress physiology of Banksia menziesii trees revealed by the magnetic leaf turgor pressure probe and sap flow measurements
Martin K-F Bader, W. Ehrenberger , R. Bitter, J. Stevens, Simon Rüger, KW Dixon, EJ Veneklaas, Ulrich Zimmermann
Poster 69.Differential translucence method as a supplement to sap flow measurement in Norway spruce with symptoms of top dieback
Jan Světlík, Isabella Børja, Sabine Rosner, Jan Čermák, Valeriy Nadezhdin, Nadezhda Nadezhdina
Poster 70.Linking phenological data to ecophysiology of European beech
Josef Urban, Emílie Bednářová, Roman Plichta, Jiří Kučera
Poster 71.Understanding plant responses to drought: how important is woody tissue photosynthesis?
Jasper Bloemen, Lander Overlaet-Michiels, Kathy Steppe
Poster 72.Ozone uptake by Quercus sp: estimates from sap flow measurements
Sabine Braun, Raphael Mainiero
Poster 73.Water consumption patterns of Jatropha curcas L.: methodological approach
Bie A.S. Gielen, Wouter M.J. Achten, Dirk Raes, Bart Muys
Poster 74.Life history traits related to hydraulic functioning in 211 African tropical woody species
Julie Morin-Rivat, Adeline Fayolle, Jean-Louis Doucet, Hans Beeckman
Poster 75.Diurnal variation of sap flux density in the stem and the roots of a large Ficus microcarpa L. f. tree
Antonio Motisi, Baldassare Nicolosi, Felice Romolo
Poster 76.Sap flow dynamics of Quercus pubescens and its hemiparasite Loranthus europaeus
Roman Plichta, Nadezhda Nadezhdina, Josef Urban, Roman Gebauer
Poster 77.Bidirectional flows in the layering branches between parent and daughter tree in a Norway spruce polycormon
Martin Šenfeldr, Josef Urban, Petr Maděra, Jiří Kučera
Poster 78.Pine, beech and oak sensitivity to changing water availability in NE-Germany
Sonia Simard, Ingo Heinrich, Gerhard Helle, Theresa Blume, Andreas Güntner
Poster 79.Annual and intra-annual water balance components of a short rotation poplar coppice based on sap flow and micrometeorological and hydrological approaches
Milan Fischer, Matěj Orság, Miroslav Trnka, Eva Pohanková, P. Hlavinka, Abhishek Mani Tripathy, Zdeněk Žalud
Poster 80.Transpiration of poplar based short rotation coppice under drought stress
Matěj Orság, Milan Fischer, Miroslav Trnka, Abhishek Mani Tripathi, Zdeněk Žalud
Poster 81.Drought-sensitive and drought-tolerant grape rootstocks differ in root xylem development and hydraulic conductivity
Anthony Peccoux, Landry Rossdeutsch, Bastien Golard, Hans Reiner Schultz, Serge Delrot, Nathalie Ollat
Poster 82.Vessel formation and xylem sap flow in flooded pedunculate oaks
Paul Copini, Jan den Ouden, Walter Loesberg, Frank Vergeldt, Edo Gerkema, Henk van As, Veerle de Schepper, Kathy Steppe, Frits Mohren, Ute Sass-Klaassen
Poster 83.Seasonal variations of stem flux and growth of native tree species in a tropical montane forest in Ethiopia
Simone Strobl, Julia Krepkowski, Yigrmachew Seyoum, Aster Gebrekirstos, Achim Bräuning, Erwin Beck
Poster 84.Biomass allocation and transpiration of Picea abies and Fagus sylvatica cultivated under ambient and elevated [CO2] concentration
Romana Bužková, Radek Pokorný
Poster 85.Linking changes in radial profiles of sap flux density with the response of water vapour exchange to water deficit
Virginia Hernandez-Santana, Susana Alvarado-Barrientos, Celia M. Rodriguez-Dominguez, Alfonso Perez-Martin, Antonio Díaz-Espejo